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Computer: Questions with Answers

1.      IC chips used in computers are usually made of
(a) Lead
(b) Silicon
(c) Chromium
(d) Gold
Answer: Silicon
2.      One kilobyte is equal to
(a) 1000 bytes
(b) 100 bytes
(c) 1024 bytes
(d) 1023 bytes
Answer: 1024 bytes
3.      Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?
(a) Windows 98
(b) BSD Unix
(c) Microsoft Office XP
(d) Red Hat Linux
Answer: Microsoft Office XP

4.      Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?
(a) Param
(b) Super 301
(c) Compaq Presario
Answer: Param
5.      One Gigabyte is Approximately equal is
(a) 1000,000 bytes
(b) 1000,000,000 bytes
(c) 1000,000,000,000 bytes
(d) None of these
Answer: 1000,000,000 bytes
6.      Check the odd term out
(a) Internet
(b) Linux
(c) Unix
(d) Windows
Answer: Internet
7.      The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
(a) Syntax error
(b) Symantic error
(c) Logical error
(d) Internal error
Answer:  Syntax error
8.      What is the control unit's function in the CPU
(a) To transfer data to primary storage .
(b) To store program instructions.
(c) To perform logic functions.
(d) To decode program instructions.
Answer: To perform logic functions.
9.      What is the best way to have a data and the slide number appear on every slide?
(a) choose Tools, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(b) choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(c) choose View, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
(d) choose File, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
Answer: choose Insert, Header and Footer, click Slide tab, select the desired options, click Apply to All.
10.  What do you use to create a chart?
(a) Pie Wizard
(b) Excel Wizard
(c) Data Wizard
(d) Chart Wizard
Answer: Chart Wizard
11.  You can keep your personal files/folders in—
(A) My folder
(B) My Documents
(C) My Files
(D) My Text
(E) None of these
Answer: My Documents
12.  The primary purpose of software is to turn data into—
(A) Web sites
(B) Information
(C) Programs
(D) Objects
(E) None of these
Answer: Information
13.  A directory within a directory is called—
(A) Mini Directory
(B) Junior Directory
(C) Part Directory
(D) Sub Directory
(E) None of these
Answer: Sub Directory
14.  A compiler translates a program written in a high-level language into—
(A) Machine language
(B) An algorithm
(C) A debugged program
(D) Java
(E) None of these
Answer: Machine language
15.  When you turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform this test—
(A) RAM test
(B) Disk drive test
(C) Memory test
(D) Power-on self-test
(E) None of these
Answer: Disk drive test
16.  A ……is a unique name that you give to a file of information.
(A) device letter
(B) folder
(C) filename
(D) filename extension
(E) None of these
Answer: filename extension
17.  Hardware includes—
(A) all devices used to input data into a computer
(B) sets of instructions that a computer runs or executes
(C) the computer and all the devices connected to it that are used to input and output data
(D) all devices involved in processing information including the central processing unit, memory and storage
(E) None of these
Answer :all devices involved in processing information including the central processing unit, memory and storage
18.  A ……… contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.
(A) programming language
(B) syntax
(C) programming structure
(D) logic chart
(E) None of these
Answer: programming language
19.  All the deleted files go to—
(A) Recycle Bin
(B) Task Bar
(C) Tool Bar
(D) My Computer
(E) None of these
Answer: Recycle Bin
20.  The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is—
(A) Multiprogramming
(B) Multitasking
(C) Time-sharing
(D) Multiprocessing
(E) None of these
Answer: Multiprocessing
21.  The secret code that restricts entry to some programs—
(A) Password
(B) Passport
(C) Entry-code
(D) Access-code
(E) None of these
Answer: Password
22.  Computers use the ……… number system to store data and perform calculations.
(A) binary
(B) octal
(C) decimal
(D) hexadecimal
(E) None of these
Answer: binary
23.  The main function of the ALU is to—
(A) Perform arithmetic and logical operations
(B) Store data and information for future use
(C) Control computer output, such as printing
(D) Monitor all computer activities
(E) None of these
Answer: Perform arithmetic and logical operations
24.  . ……is the process of carrying out commands.
(A) Fetching
(B) Storing
(C) Executing
(D) Decoding
(E) None of these
Answer: Executing
25.  Softcopy is the intangible output, so then what is hardcopy ?
(A) The physical parts of the computer
(B) The printed parts of the computer
(C) The printed output
(D) The physical output devices
(E) None of these
Answer: The printed output
26.  An ……… is a program that makes the computer easier to use.
(A) utility
(B) application
(C) operating system
(D) network
(E) None of these
Answer: utility
27.  A complete electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a(n)—
(A) Workstation
(C) Magnetic disk
(D) Integrated circuit
(E) None of these
Answer: Integrated circuit
28.  Computer systems are comprised of—
(A) Hardware, programs, processors, procedures and people
(B) Hardware, programs, information, people and procedures
(C) Hardware, programs, information, people and networks
(D) Hardware, software, procedures, networks and people
(E) None of these
Answer: Hardware, software, procedures, networks and people
29.  An error in a computer program—
(A) Crash
(B) Power Failure
(C) Bug
(D) Virus
(E) None of these
Answer: Bug
30.  What is output?
(A) What the processor takes from the user
(B) What the user gives to the processor
(C) What the processor gets from the user
(D) What the processor gives to the user
(E) None of these
What the processor gives to the user

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Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri - 2012

Padma Vibhushan

1. Shri K G Subramanyan - Art-Painting & Sculpture - West Bengal

2. Late Shri Mario De Miranda - Art-Cartoonist - Goa*

3. Late (Dr.)Bhupen Hazarika - Art- Vocal Music - Assam*

4. Dr. Kantilal Hastimal Sancheti - Medicine - Orthopedics - Maharashtra

5. Shri T V Rajeswar - Civil Service - Delhi

Padma Bhushan

1. Smt. Shabana Azmi - Art - Cinema - Maharashtra

2. Shri Khaled Choudhury - Art - Theatre - West Bengal

3. Shri Jatin Das - Art - Painting - Delhi

4. Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta - Art - Instrumental Music - Sarod - West Bengal

5. Shri Dharmendra Singh Deol alias Dharmendra - Art - Cinema - Maharashtra

6. Dr. Trippunithwra Viswanathan Gopalkrishnan - Art - Classical vocal and instrumental music - Tamil Nadu

7. Ms. Mira Nair - Art - Cinema - Delhi

8. Shri M.S. Gopalakrishnan - Art - Instrumental Music-Violin - Tamil Nadu

9. Shri Anish Kapoor - Art - Sculpture - UK*

10. Shri Satya Narayan Goenka - Social Work - Maharashtra

11. Dr. (Judge) Patibandla Chandrasekhar Rao - Public Affairs - Germany*

12. Shri George Yong-Boon Yeo - Public Affairs - Singapore*

13. Prof. Shashikumar Chitre - Science and Engineering - Maharashtra

14. Dr. M S Raghunathan - Science and Engineering - Maharashtra

15. Shri Subbiah Murugappa Vellayan - Trade and Industry - Tamil Nadu

16. Shri Balasubramanian Muthuraman - Trade and Industry - Maharashtra

17. Dr. Suresh H. Advani - Medicine - Oncology - Maharashtra

18. Dr. Noshir H Wadia - Medicine-Neurology - Maharashtra

19. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty - Medicine-Cardiology - Karnataka

20. Prof. (Dr.) Shantaram Balwant Mujumdar - Literature and Education - Maharashtra

21. Prof. Vidya Dehejia - Literature and Education - USA*

22. Prof. Arvind Panagariya - Literature and Education - USA*

23. Dr. Jose Pereira - Literature and Education - USA*

24. Dr. Homi K. Bhabha - Literature and Education - UK *

25. Shri N Vittal - Civil Service - Kerala

26. Shri Mata Prasad - Civil Service - Uttar Pradesh

27. Shri Ronen Sen - Civil Service - West Bengal

Padma Shri

1. Shri Vanraj Bhatia - Art - Music - Maharashtra

2. Shri Zia Fariduddin Dagar - Art - Music - vocal - Maharashtra

3. Smt. Nameirakpam Ibemni Devi - Art - Music- Khongjom Parba - Manipur

4. Shri Ramachandra Subraya Hegde Chittani - Art - Yakshagana dance drama - Karnataka

5. Shri Moti Lal Kemmu - Art - Playwright - Jammu and Kashmir

6. Shri Shahid Parvez Khan - Art - Instrumental Music-Sitar - Maharashtra

7. Shri Mohan Lal Kumhar - Art - Terracotta - Rajasthan

8. Shri Sakar Khan Manganiar - Art - Rajasthani Folk Music - Rajasthan

9. Smt. Joy Michael - Art - Theatre - Delhi

10. Dr. Minati Mishra - Art - Indian Classical Dance-Odissi. - Orissa

11. Shri Natesan Muthuswamy - Art - Theatre. - Tamil Nadu

12. Smt. R. Nagarathnamma - Art - Theatre - Karnataka

13. Shri Kalamandalm Sivan Nambootiri - Art - Indian Classical Dance- Kutiyattam - Kerala

14. Smt. Yamunabai Waikar - Art - Indian Folk Music-Lavani. - Maharashtra

15. Shri Satish Alekar - Art - Playwright - Maharashtra

16. Pandit Gopal Prasad Dubey - Art - Chhau dance and choreography - Jharkhand

17. Shri Ramakant Gundecha and Shri Umakant Gundecha# - Art - Indian Classical Music- Vocal - Madhya Pradesh

18. Shri Anup Jalota - Art-Indian Classical Music- Vocal - Maharashtra

19. Shri Soman Nair Priyadarsan - Art - Cinema- Direction - Kerala

20. Shri Sunil Janah - Art-Photography - Assam

21. Ms. Laila Tyebji - Art-Handicrafts - Delhi

22. Shri Vijay Sharma - Art-Painting - Himachal Pradesh

23. Smt. Shamshad Begum - Social Work - Chattisgarh

24. Smt. Reeta Devi - Social Work - Delhi

25. Dr. P.K. Gopal - Social Work - Tamil Nadu

26. Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav - Social Work - Chattisgarh

27. Dr. G. Muniratnam - Social Work - Andhra Pradesh

28. Shri Niranjan Pranshankar Pandya - Social Work - Maharashtra

29. Dr. Uma Tuli - Social Work - Delhi

30. Shri Sat Paul Varma - Social Work - Jammu and Kashmir

31. Smt.Binny Yanga - Social Work - Arunachal Pradesh

32. Shri Yezdi Hirji Malegam - Public Affairs - Maharashtra

33. Shri Pravin H. Parekh - Public Affairs - Delhi

34. Dr. V. Adimurthy - Science and Engineering - Kerala

35. Dr. Krishna Lal Chadha - Science and Engineering - Agriculture - Delhi

36. Prof. Virander Singh Chauhan - Science and Engineering - Delhi

37. Prof. Rameshwar Nath Koul Bamezai - Science and Engineering - Jammu and Kashmir

38. Dr. Vijaypal Singh - Science and Engineering - Agricultural Research - Uttar Pradesh

39. Dr. Lokesh Kumar Singhal - Science and Engineering - Punjab

40. Dr. Yagnaswami Sundara Rajan - Science and Engineering - Karnataka

41. Prof. Jagadish Shukla - Science and Engineering - USA*

42. Ms. Priya Paul - Trade and Industry - Delhi

43. Shri Shoji Shiba - Trade and Industry - Japan*

44. Shri Gopinath Pillai - Trade and Industry - Singapore*

45. Shri Arun Hastimal Firodia - Trade and Industry - Maharashtra

46. Dr. Swati A. Piramal - Trade and Industry - Maharashtra

47. Prof. Mahdi Hasan - Medicine-Anatomy - Uttar Pradesh

48. Dr. Viswanathan Mohan - Medicine - Diabetology - Tamil Nadu

49. Dr. J. Hareendran Nair - Medicine - Ayurveda - Kerala

50. Dr. Vallalarpuram Sennimalai Natarajan - Medicine - Geriatrics - Tamil Nadu

51. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh - Medicine - Oncology - Bihar

52. Dr. Shrinivas S. Vaishya - Medicine-Healthcare - Daman and Diu

53. Dr. Nitya Anand - Medicine - Drugs Research - Uttar Pradesh

54. Late Dr. Jugal Kishore - Medicine - Homoeopathy - Delhi *

55. Dr. Mukesh Batra - Medicine-Homeopathy - Maharashtra

56. Dr. Eberhard Fischer - Literature and Education - Switzerland*

57. Shri Kedar Gurung - Literature and Education - Sikkim

58. Shri Surjit Singh Patar - Literature and Education - Poetry - Punjab

59. Shri Vijay Dutt Shridhar - Literature and Education - Journalism - Madhya Pradesh

60. Shri Irwin Allan Sealy - Literature and Education - Uttarakhand

61. Ms. Geeta Dharmarajan - Literature and Education - Delhi

62. Prof. Sachchidanand Sahai - Literature and Education - Haryana

63. Smt. Pepita Seth - Literature and Education - Kerala

64. Dr. Ralte L. Thanmawia - Literature and Education - Mizoram

65. Shri Ajeet Bajaj - Sports - Skiing - Delhi

66. Smt. Jhulan Goswami - Sports - Women's Cricket - West Bengal

67. Shri Zafar Iqbal - Sports-Hockey - Uttar Pradesh

68. Shri Devendra Jhajrija - Sports - Athletics- Paralympics - Rajasthan

69. Shri Limba Ram - Sports - Archery - Rajasthan

70. Shri Syed Mohammed Arif - Sports - Badminton - Andhra Pradesh

71. Prof. Ravi Chaturvedi - Sports- Commentary - Delhi

72. Shri Prabhakar Vaidya - Sports-Physical Education - Maharashtra

73. Shri T. Venkatapathi Reddiar - Others-Horticulture - Puducherry

74. Dr. K. (Kota) Ullas Karanth - Others-Wildlife Conservation and Environment Protection - Karnataka

75. Shri K Paddayya - Others-Archaeology - Maharashtra

76. Shri Swapan Guha - Others-Ceramics - Rajasthan

77. Dr. Kartikeya V. Sarabhai - Others - Environmental Education - Gujarat

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